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    There is no doubt that the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom set a great example to follow in terms of community involvement. Along those lines, we are holding our own series of Events throughout the course of TLT's development. These Events, ranging from minor details to major game elements, will be open to any and all interested participants. Winners of these Events will also receive prizes, eventually. Check out the list below for individual Event details.

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    To help progress the project faster, we're interested in expanding our staff with talented people who have specific creative skills. If you have the time to devote, can take orders and criticism, and know how to follow through on what you start, consider joining us. See here for more details.

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Design interesting entrances for the Sub-Gates around the Quint Islands.

Entries: 47
Winners: avallon1 (2.5), Dragge, Dashe, Zaiy (0.5)

2013.04.01 - 2013.04.20 Event #07 - Airship Design (MINI)
Design everyday airships to appear around the Quint Islands.

Entries: 30
Winners: Pigbot (2), avallon1, Dashe

Design exhibits to be displayed in the Malt Island museum.

Entries: 103
Winners: Jin, Zaiy (2), joshmnky, Eris, Dashe (3), Dragge (2), prototypelegends, Anti-Jump Springs, Nathan, kerplop, Loken (3), darkwingexe (2), equalsign

Design an intimidating Master Reaverbot who will guard the refractor in one of the Quint Islands' sub-gates.

Entries: 34
Winners: Dragge, Eris, axel, score

Write up some background info, personality and dialogue for various NPCs around the Quint Islands.

Entries: 120
Winners: Zaiy, Chiz (3), Mikey, Loken (3), Kyle, Dragge, Nathan (3), Dashe (4), kerplop, Hikari, Emeltee

2012.08.01 - 2012.09.05 Event #03 - Sturm Servbot Design
Design a Servbot / Birdbot equivalent for TLT's air pirate family, the Sturm Force.

Entries: 26
Winner: Eris

Draw a humorous face to be pasted on a balloon for the mini-game, "Balloon Fantasy".

Entries: 37
Winners: Kyle, Mirak (2), Loken, Dashe, Emeltee (2)

2012.05.25 - 2012.06.25 Event #01 - Island Landmark Design
Design a memorable "landmark" for one or two of the five islands in TLT that looks fitting in the Legends world and will add character to its island.

Entries: 20
Winners: 1DIN, prototypelegends, Emeltee