Tuttle's Legendary Travels
Participate in the Development!
To help progress the project faster, we're interested in expanding our staff with talented individuals who possess specific creative skills. As the game continues to move forward, its various needs will change and we will update the openings below.
  • 2D Artists
    Model Textures (Greatly Needed)
    There will be a continual need for texture artists throughout the game's progression, as there will be hundreds of 3D models in the finished game and not all modelers are as talented in 2D as they are in 3D. Keeping with the game's established style is naturally a must.

    Environment Concept Artwork (Needed)
    Before we can bring our environments to life in 3D, we need architecture designs in 2D to work from. We are very interested in hearing from imaginative artists who can sketch up quick but quality artwork of buildings and locations in the Legends art style.

    Promotional Artwork (Will Be Needed)
    There's concept art for planning out how things are going to look, and then there are polished pieces that we'll want before long for promoting the game and to use as "box art" (stuff along these lines). We won't be needing such artwork until more elements of the game have reached their final designs, but if you have the ability to create the sort of epic pieces we're looking for, there's certainly no harm in letting us know you're interested for when the time comes.

  • 3D Modelers
    Character Models (Needed)
    There will be a number of characters that require models in this game, particularly NPCs. Characters need to be Legends styled and stay relatively low in polygon count. See existing models for examples.

    Animations (Will Be Needed)
    We are not in dire need of animators yet, but as more and more models come together, many of them will require animations ranging from simple to quite complex. If you are interested in helping with this aspect, feel free to let us know.

    Architecture Models (Not Needed)
    Not only are we waiting on 2D artwork for this, but it's the easiest type of modeling and we have enough people to handle it already.

  • Musicians
    Sound Effects (Will Be Needed)
    Eventually we will want some new sound effects for the game. Not a high priority just now though.

    Composers / Arrangers (Not Needed)
    The game's soundtrack is winding down under the efforts of our present composers, so it's not looking like we'll be needing any more assistance in this area.

  • Programmers
    Unity C# (Not Needed)
    The coding of the project is just reaching the point where we're ready to bring in additional programmers, and we already have a lineup of volunteers waiting to take part.

  • We Don't Need
    We have almost all major and many minor aspects of the game planned out already. We know there are a lot of people with great ideas out there, but we already have a solid vision and must personally weigh our decisions so that we can keep the project at a realistic enough scale to see it through.

    We anticipate handling most of the writing ourselves, and some through Events. If that plan changes, we'll say so here.

    Voice Actors
    The game will feature voice acting and when the time is right we will open the door for interested persons to send us samples. At present the project is still too early in development for us to be thinking about this.

If you have the skills we're currently looking for and want to be a part of the project, we'd love to hear from you!
However, please take a moment to ask yourself if you have the time to devote, can take orders and criticism on your work, and know how to follow through on what you start. We don't expect anyone to turn their lives over to the project, but volunteers who fail to follow through actually hinder the project by wasting our time on correspondence, time that could have been put toward actual game development.

Serious applicants, please email us with samples of your work and let us know what particular aspect(s) of the game you're interested in working on.