Tuttle's Legendary Travels
Project Introduction
Tuttle's Legendary Travels is an epic adventure spanning five original islands set in the world of Mega Man Legends. When Tuttle overhears the plans of air pirates about to depart on a mission that promises great adventure and treasure, he takes off in pursuit to seek the adventure and treasure for himself.

Tuttle will explore grand ruins and an expansive overworld, battle with monstrous reaverbots and villainous air pirates, collect a variety of items and precious artifacts, and interact with an unforgettable cast as he unravels the many mysteries of the Quint Islands!

What's this all about? This website is home to Tuttle's Legendary Travels, a Mega Man Legends fan game project currently in its early developmental stages. The finished game aims to be a full 3D platformer on par with the official games of the series in terms of quality and scale. This ambitious project will take time to unfold and we want all you Mega Man Legends fans out there to follow its progress as it happens and join in the development process in various ways.

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