Tuttle's Legendary Travels
Event Prizes
As much as we'd love to obtain and hand out cool prizes for winners of TLT's Events... we're simply not in a financial position to do so.
However, in the spirit of community participation and a desire to reward the hard efforts of Event winners, we've decided that when the game is finished, Event winners will receive TLT-related prizes based on a point system (see below).

  • Five (5) points are awarded for each winning entry of a Major Event.

  • One (1) point is awarded for each winning entry of a MINI Event.

Prize Goals
  • 5 Points
    For reaching five points, winners will be mailed a physical copy of the game, burnt on a DVD and packaged to look like a PS2 game. The packaging will feature the game's official box art (not yet drawn), as well as an instruction manual inside.

  • 10 Points
    For reaching ten points, winners will also receive an audio CD containing the game's official soundtrack.

  • 15 Points
    We have a number of potential ideas in mind for winners who reach fifteen points, and will make a decision as more winners approach this mark.

* Shipping of prizes may be delayed, subject to our financial standings at the time.