Tuttle's Legendary Travels
Questions & Answers About TLT
  • Who is Tuttle, and why make him the hero?
    An unforgettable NPC from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Tuttle is an awesome and hilarious character that we have long been fond of, so we ended up choosing him to star in what was to originally be a 2D puzzle game. As the vision of that game expanded, Tuttle's inclusion influenced a number of the game's evolving elements to the point that it was unthinkable to consider an alternative hero by the time we took the project to 3D.

  • But, seriously, why not Megaman?
    No doubt our project would be ten times more popular if we'd gone with Megaman and the original Legends cast. Unfortunately that direction has a number of pitfalls, like the potential for it to come off like a bad fan fic if the characters aren't quite in character or the voice acting isn't close enough to the original, etc. There's also no doubt that all gameplay mechanics would be scrutinized and compared constantly to the original games. Our approach gives us great creative freedom while still providing familiar faces, but all of them are low key enough that we aren't taking huge liberties with the source material by including them in our story.

  • But... I don't like Tuttle!
    Sorry you feel that way. However, it's important to keep in mind that Tuttle's Legendary Travels isn't so much a story about Tuttle as it is a new experience in the world of Legends. The adventurer is not as important as the adventure itself, and it's going to be quite an adventure as we've elaborated on the home page. We're aiming to truly capture that Legends essence.

  • Will we be seeing the Caskets or Bonnes?
    The events of Tuttle's Legendary Travels begin at approximately the same point in the timeline that Megaman is battling the Bonnes on Kattelox Island. As such, you won't be seeing the lead Legends families in-game, though we do plan to work in several other canon characters.

  • What programs are you using to make the game?
    Unity for programming, Blender for modeling, and Photoshop for textures.

  • Will the game feature voice acting?
    Yes, eventually.

  • Who's behind this project?
    Blyka and fAB, with the help of the online MML community. Visit the Project Staff page for more info.

  • When can I expect the next progress report/release?
    Game spoilers aside, we will be sharing most of our progress through the Development Blog as it unfolds, but there's no guarantee regarding frequency.

  • Tuttle's Little 5-Island Adventure?
    Before Tuttle's Legendary Travels became a reality, we were working on a 2D puzzle game starring Tuttle. For a number of reasons the project was cancelled in favor of its grander, re-envisioned counterpart. Despite the drastic change in direction, many of the story and setting elements will live on in TLT. The Little 5-Island Adventure does have a pretty substantial demo available to play for those interested.

  • Teiji DASH ~Fushigi de Soudai na Daibouken~?
    This is an alternative title for Tuttle's Legendary Travels, used for promoting the project in Japan.
    We do not however have any plans to develop a Japanese version of the game at this time.