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Introducing Our Air Pirates
Posted by fAB on July 30th, 2012 - 09:44 pm UTC

There once was a time, not so very long ago, that the term "air pirates" applied to a crude lot of nomad diggers and thieves, just a small, trashy portion of society. Then along came the Sturm Force, a large gang of pirates who banded together, pooling their plunder and resources to create an organized and fearsome armada. Such a force had never been seen before, and as they continued to build they soon became unstoppable. Though no pirate group ever came close to matching their might, the rise of Sturm Force spawned similar gangs and began a new era of air pirating with style and dignity.

Decades later in the time of TLT, the Sturm Force still retains most of their power from the glory days but they have faded largely from the pirating scene, living comfortably off spoils from the past. It's not out of complacency that they do so, but more a feeling of loss, that the most exciting days and grandest adventures have already passed. At their core, that is what Sturm Force is all about, the thrill of adventure! Sailing the skies on intimidating airships, battling it out against worthy opponents, exploring the deepest and most dangerous ruins--it's what they live for.

In TLT, the Sturm Force has discovered some new information that has rekindled their desire for action. Hoping for one last grand adventure, they set out for the Quint Islands, intending to bring all their power to bear and sweep across the islands in an overwhelming and dramatic show of force! Among their abundant ranks, these are the key figures you'll be meeting in the game.

Members of Sturm Force

The next Event (coming soon) will be focused on Sturm Force! Keep visiting for details!

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