Tuttle's Legendary Travels
2017.05.05 Version 0.2.3
A collection of new features and improvements over the last demo make for a shinier experience, including a pause menu and new reaverbot.

[Windows] 25.2 MB
DL: 473
[Mac] 29.1 MB
DL: 295
2016.12.31 Version 0.2.2
An exciting leap up from simple tech demo to feeling more like an actual game, this release adds a ruin area with fully functioning enemies, an energy bar and much more!

[Windows] 24.4 MB
DL: 323
[Mac] 39.8 MB
DL: 198
2016.10.10 Version 0.2.1
Introduces full cane-swinging action along with a few dummies to attack and other minor improvements over the previous release.

[Windows] 20.9 MB
DL: 375
[Mac] 35.9 MB
DL: 241
2016.05.05 Version 0.2
With an entirely new graphical style and game engine built from the ground up, this release is intended to do everything that 0.1 did, but do it infinitely better!

[Windows] 19.8 MB
DL: 877
[Mac] 31.5 MB
DL: 731
2012.11.08 Version 0.1
Many of the elements are temporary and several key engine features are not yet in place, but this initial demo gives players some hands-on with the engine in progress!

[Windows] 8.83 MB
DL: 5252
[Mac] 9.58 MB
DL: 2142