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Event #05 - Master Reaverbot Winners!
Posted by Blyka on December 16th, 2012 - 06:28 pm EST

With this Event we opened up the door to Japanese participants, and even though we regrettably did not receive any entries from the Land of the Rising Sun, the Event was still a huge success with a whopping 34 entries. This is quite a step up from our last major Event's entry tally (26), and needless to say there were some very awesome designs to choose from. After many difficult hours of discussion and consideration, we have finally settled on not two as originally specified, but four winners!

[Event #05 Winners]

Read on to see what Tuttle will be faced with during his legendary travels!

Here are our top picks in order of submission. Our thanks and congratulations to Dragge, Eris, axel and score!

[Winner 1]
Sabel by Dragge

Judging Comments:
It looks like a bigger, deadlier cousin to the Sharukurusu! The awesome elements that give reaverbots their distinctive style are well represented here. The coolest thing about this entry is picturing it moving around in 3D. With a fast-moving, spider-type leg setup and long, clawing arms, this looks to be a very intimidating foe that should make for a very intense battle!
[Winner 2]
Unnamed by Eris

Judging Comments:
A lot of you probably saw this one coming. Winning Sturmbot designer Eris really came up with an interesting and unique entry into the reaverbot world, but one that definitely looks like it fits right in as well. Cool looks aside, having the sword vulnerable to attack rather than the body was quite an appealing quirk. It's definitely an unforgettable design.
[Winner 3]
Topporouletto by axel

Judging Comments:
Standing a little taller than a Rush Mammoo, this reaverbot definitely has an imposing presence. The big, bulky body supported by slim arms/legs with the eye down low creates an appealingly freakish impression. Battle-wise, attacking with a variety of randomly chosen projectiles has some good potential to help differentiate it from our other choices.
[Winner 4] Unnamed by score

Judging Comments:
Wow, we asked for intimidating designs and this one certainly delivered! The designer, score, pretty much left the battle progression up to us, which really had us struggling to picture how this giant reaver would move and attack, and how Tuttle would battle it in turn. We decided we would make it work though, as the design just felt like it really captured the essence of what we were looking for from this Event. There will be some design tweaks here, as with all the winners.

While we were only looking for two great winners we were open to the possibility of working in a third, but we had such a difficult time trying to eliminate one of these finalists (many hours of careful consideration and a night of sleeping on it) that we finally decided to work one of them into a different segment of the game, rather than as the master of a sub-gate. As to which entry that is and where it will show up, you'll have to wait and see!

In addition to the winners, we were really pleased with the turnout in general. Some entries through no fault of their own, didn't feel quite right for our particular needs, but that didn't mean they weren't great designs! Naturally we can't comment on them all, but here are the runner-ups that made up the rest of our top ten, again in order of submission.

[Runner Up 1]
Orunitan by Zaiy

Judging Comments:
This one has a good reaverbot look and an interesting structure with four heads. The whole whirling aspect that formed the core of its attack pattern felt like it could use some expansion however, and the design just didn't leave much room to expand.
[Runner Up 2]
Denchii by maestromaharg

Judging Comments:
A simple, yet imposing design. It kind of felt like Zelda's Barinade meets MML3's Calamity. Definitely an interesting entry visually and descriptively, but we just felt that other designs had more personality.
[Runner Up 3]
Ghaored by Wingrider

Judging Comments:
This was a nice, solid entry that looked even better (less Mega Man X/Zero series) after Wingrider made some revisions to it. We ruled it out mostly for want of diversity, as its form and attacks both felt too similar to our Hanmuru Doll.
[Runner Up 4]
Templar by axel

Judging Comments:
Another sword-weilding entry. Definitely a cool design with lots of nice reavery details worked into the armor. However, the old and spindly look lacked a sense of real intimidation.
[Runner Up 5]
Unnamed by Nairbons

Judging Comments:
This was a cool design and concept all around. Having to battle a reaverbot that's mounted on the wall like that could make for an interesting element, but in the end it we decided it might be a bit too restrictive for us.
[Runner Up 6] Sirejju by Serenity of Ashes

Judging Comments:
fAB was particularly enthusiastic about this entry. The bizarre, unbalanced form and interesting variety of circumstantial attacks really appealed to him, but oddly enough, Blyka was unenthused about it for the very same reasons.

Once again, our thanks and congratulations to the winners, and our sincere thanks to all participants for making this Event the success that it was!

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