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Posted by Blyka on July 25th, 2017 - 03:00 pm EDT

We're fast approaching three months since the last demo release, and any dedicated followers of the project may have noticed that progress has been pretty minimal since then, with tweets strictly limited to #TLTuesday and often echoing much the same content as the previous week. This is because we have been very, very busy since the last demo, and with a demo just launched TLT just hasn't been a high priority lately. It also hasn't helped that some big obstacles are up next on the features list, making it all the harder to make headway--especially when you can only snag a few minutes each week.

As things have been so slow and tweets have been fairly repetitious, I thought it might be good to let everyone know of the situation and provide a little roadmap of sorts with the main features planned for the next demo.

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