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New Staff & Media!
Posted by fAB on July 7th, 2012 - 12:45 am EDT

It's official, we've finally added some new staff members to the TLT development team! Of course we've had interested volunteers trying to hop on board since the day we launched the site, but in the interest of finding people both talented and dedicated we've held off expanding the staff until there were some solid results to show.

Welcome, 1DIN! So far he's done some awesome concept sketches for us, some of which you can now find in the art gallery. He's also done some 3D modeling that we'll showcase at a later date.

Welcome, macjsus! He signed on as an architecture modeler and has so far delivered a couple of buildings based off our designs. Here's a preview before they get handed over to a texture artist.

And last but not least, welcome Karimn D.K.I.! His work so far includes the first official music track for the game, which you'll all have an opportunity to hear very soon! He's also begun work on another, prominent track for the game as well that's coming along nicely.

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