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Milestones Reached In Demo v0.2.2!
Posted by Blyka on December 31st, 2016 - 10:10 am EST

[Milestones Reached In Demo v0.2.2!]

While it seems commonly agreed upon by many that 2016 was a less than stellar year in many regards, at least for TLT it was actually a pretty exciting year with two new demos officially rebooting the project so to speak and many other important advancements made. So it seemed only appropriate to go out high with one more demo!

With ruins to enter, reaverbots to fight and a number of other polished aspects, Demo v0.2.2 finally feels like we're escaping the super-simple tech demo phase and moving into actual gameplay! Changes from last time include:

  • Ruin entrance added to demo environment; can enter and exit a new ruin area.
  • Orudakoitan reaverbot is finished and fightable, complete with fireballs and explosions.
  • Fully functioning energy bar, complete with upgrade functionality (not in demo) and working enemy radar.
  • Tuttle's damage-taking reactions are now in place, both the slight recoil from standard hits and the full knockdown+brief invincibility from powerful attacks, when hit in the air or when a hit takes you to zero health.
  • Game Over is encountered when your energy runs out.
  • Hit sparks appear when attacking enemies or terrain.
  • Zenny and energy pickups (total zenny amount not viewable in this demo, but energy properly restores lost health).
  • The slow walk button can now interact with things (doors in this demo).
  • Camera wall clipping system in place for ruins (may want to improve in future).
  • Slightly polished the temporary title screen with sounds and a separate controls space.
  • Lots of engine stuff like proper fader and music systems and other improvements.
  • Game now remembers your screen size preference.
  • Unity seems to have fixed the Windows mouse issue from last time, and the splash screen is much shinier.
  • Probably more, but you get the idea.

As always thanks to all who have stuck with us. It's been a long road but we hope this glimpse into what the game may become is worth the wait, and here's to more TLT progress in 2017!

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