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Another Look at the Quint Islands
Posted by Blyka on August 10th, 2013 - 12:30 pm EDT

As TLT's upcoming Event focuses on the entrances to the Quint Island sub-gates, we thought it an appropriate time to pool some concept art for each island to help participants get a better feel for each location, should they want to design a sub-gate entrance with a particular island in mind.

[Malt Island]

[Chizz Island]

[Tronne Island]

[Dashe Island]

[Buscan Island]

The above images have some old art mixed with new; you can view clean versions of the new art in the Artwork Gallery. A big thanks to Jitter for her great contributions!
And remember, this is all just CONCEPT art; nothing here is necessarily finalized.

Look forward to the Sub-Gate Entrance Design Event which will be starting very, very soon!

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