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So, What's Blyka Up To?
Posted by Blyka on May 10th, 2012 - 02:12 pm EDT

While fAB is producing awesome model work, some may be wondering what I'm doing for TLT if the programming hasn't started yet. So, I figured I should blog about another aspect of the project that I've been working on: the "Game Design Document"

The GDD covers every aspect of the game in great detail, from the full story to the names of items. This is something I haven't focused on too much in my past projects, as Classic-series Mega Man fangames are naturally small-scale in the sense that they're side-scrolling shooters; not grand RPG-style games like the Legends series.
So for a game this large and epic I feel having a comprehensive GDD before starting the actual programming is very important, for both keeping track of what exactly needs to be done and for avoiding nasty surprises mid-development.

That said, I think this would be a good time to throw out a few tidbits about the game. Nothing ground-breaking or spoilerific this early in development; just some simple facts that fAB and I have confirmed through the GDD:

  • Special weapons will be considerably fewer than in MML1 & MML2, however we plan to make them more individually useful so that no single weapon bears the question "why would I use this when I could use that?"
  • As you've probably already gathered from screenshots, the museum/artifact subquest from MML1 will be returning.
  • Throughout the adventure there will be various locations for mini-game playing, including the return of a certain classic.
  • There will be a large ruin network in the same fashion as Kattelox Island, as opposed to MML2's one-ruin-per-island system.

That's it for now. I'm really looking forward to when I can finally start programming, so until then continue to stay tuned for more modeling updates and hopefully the first Event announcement before too long!

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