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Event #02 - Balloon Fantasy Faces (MINI)
Posted by Blyka on July 7th, 2012 - 10:02 pm EDT

No doubt anyone who played the original Mega Man Legends remembers the Balloon Fantasy mini-game, played at the KTOX TV Station. It's a rapid-paced game in which you must blast away all of the red balloons within the time limit while avoiding the time penalty dealt by accidentally hitting the blue balloons. The most memorable aspect of this game may have been the balloons themselves, with their ridiculous faces bouncing around, taunting you as the clock ticked down and the failure music sounded.

Although Tuttle lacks a buster to blast the balloons with, this game will be returning in his Legendary Travels- and we want you to draw up faces for the balloons!

Head here to visit the Event's official forum thread for all rules and entry submissions!

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