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Event #06 - Museum Exhibit Winners!
Posted by fAB on March 6th, 2013 - 12:27 am UTC

Well the results are in, and we want to thank all twenty-five participants for providing us with over a hundred interesting objects to choose from! Fair to say the Malt Island Museum is going to be a very interesting place to visit.

Museum Exhibit Winners

Jin's Razume Staff
A staff that's actually a gun, but too cumbersome to be used as either? It's a little hard to visualize, but definitely an intriguing entry. The theory that it was for ceremonial purposes sold us on it.

Zaiy's Sakugarne
We didn't want to have too many past Mega Man series items, but this one's got a cool shape and has the extra "Quint" element to tie it in for fun.

Zaiy's Neptune
Every museum needs a big, monolithic piece, and the spear's design is very Legendsy.

joshmnky's Hover Vehicle
A representation of the first, safe, static repulsion hover vehicle is undoubtedly a worthy museum piece.

Eris's Distant Calamity
A lovely sunset tarnished by the presence of descending doom. Very nice.

Dashe's Ancient Island Map
This is a beautiful example of someone keeping tabs on the project taking a tidbit of TLT information and turning it into a richer piece of local culture!

Dashe's Prototype Buster Gun
An early buster gun with a bit of history behind it, nice. Definitely looks old and interesting.

Dashe's Poh Lamp
If there was one entry that jumped out at both of us as an instant winner, this was it!

Dragge's Painting of Bleucher
There should definitely be some prominent portraits on display, and who could be more prominent? The idea of him donating the painting himself was an amusing touch.

Dragge's Ancient Digger Armor
It's definitely interesting to envision what a whole suit of Joe's-arm style, bulky, old digger's armor might look like.

prototypelegends's Angel Statue
No backstory, just a mysterious, average-sized figurine. Would have liked to see more entries like this.

Anti-Jump Springs's Leg Weights
Super-heavy leg weights? Haha, most amusing...

Nathan's Captive Commodities
Nice parallels here, and with the rest of the tapestry torn away, who knows? Well thought out.

kerplop's Fossilized Shearing Tool
Another earlier Mega Man reference, but nice and subtle.

Loken & Miranda's Crystallized Karamuna Bash
MML1 may have already had a crystallized reaverbot, but it didn't look nearly so cool! And we have something in mind that will hopefully make this even cooler when it appears in-game.

Loken's The Quint Princess
This could be a very beautiful and haunting image, and is backed by a fascinating story!

Loken's Calbanian Beauty
A giant, one-of-a-kind rose is certainly unique, and it especially stood out to us as there were so few entries that were organic in nature.

darkwingexe's Tribal Masks
Simple, yet oh so suitable museum pieces.

darkwingexe's Battle of the Black God
A properly stylized, ancient-looking rendition of this image ought to be a beauty.

equalsign's Feather
Not enough attention is paid to the potential wildlife that inhabits the world of endless water, making this solitary feather and the story behind it all the more interesting.

So there you have it, winning entries listed by post order as usual. The nature of this Event and the wide range of possibilites for entries also broadened the list of reasons we had for not picking certain entries. For example, one entry happened to be the same as an item we'd already planned to include in the game as a part for weapon development. There were a surprising number of similar cases where good entries just didn't work for indirectly related reasons. So, if your name's above, congratulations! If not, we encourage you not to be discouraged and hope to see you in the next Event! Once again, thanks to you all for making this Event another success!

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