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Fifth Year, Fifth Demo!
Posted by Blyka on May 5th, 2017 - 09:00 pm EDT

[Fifth Year, Fifth Demo!]

Today marks five years since TLT officially launched, and with it comes Demo v0.2.3! Averaging a demo a year doesn't sound too bad now... Never mind how early the project still is after half a decade. Progress has certainly picked up from the couple years that I was practically on an unofficial hiatus, so hopefully we can keep the pace until TLT delivers a fuller experience.

As for what's new this time around, there's quite a collection of things building towards a more solid experience:

  • Introducing the Pause Menu! This includes the new zenny and playtime readouts, as well as a working Options tab (presently mouse only).
  • A small ruin expansion features new inner-ruin doors and a new Reaverbot, Amistal!
  • Amistal also brings the big multi-explosion, and advancements made to the core enemy engine.
  • Tuttle's cane combo can be started from running or airborne attacks, making for much smoother attacking!
  • Sound effects are now in 3D space, and audio has been implemented to allow volume tweaking in the Options.
  • Screen resolution system is vastly improved, and with it comes new resolution options and better mouse functionality when letterboxed.
  • Camera wall clipping system was improved, allowing you to see better in the ruins.
  • Improved facial expression system has Tuttle blinking.
  • Polished up Tuttle's cane swipe effect.
  • Green harbor crate joins the others in the main area.
  • Etcetera...


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