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Sub-Gate Entrance Design Winners
Posted by fAB on September 26th, 2013 - 01:30 pm EDT

Thank you for waiting, everyone! We had a great turnout for this Event, with 47 entries from 15 participants! At last we're ready to share the results of our judging for this Event, and what a rough time we had of it. I'm sure if I bothered to look back at our seven prior Events, there would be similar comments on how hard it is to choose from the hoards of great ideas that people send our way, but I can definitely say that this one was without a doubt the most difficult.

Sub-Gate Entrance Design

Blyka and I began by working our way through the whole lot, as always carefully considering the pros and cons of each design. One thing I noticed is that there are usually a few designs that stand out as likely winners, but this time there were a remarkable number of high-level entries that clearly showed a lot of thought had gone into them. We really want to thank you all for that! As difficult as the judging can be, it's a good kind of difficult when you're having trouble because of too many good options.

Our second, more critical sweep narrowed things down to 16 entries, and our rather harsh third sweep brought us down to five designs (the maximum number of potential winners). However, shrinking a list down to five choices doesn't amount to the same thing as selecting the best choices for our islands. And so we backtracked to the 16 entries and went about the process of elimination in a more personal, balanced, by-the-island manner. This method still proved tricky, but it eventually worked for us. Here are our selections, in the order they were finally decided upon.

Tronne Island Sub-Gate Tronne Island Sub-Gate

This one's a beauty! The simple yet distinctive form is fantastic, and feels perfect for the Legends world. The additional dimension of having it be a submerged sub-gate was a very nice touch, making it all the more memorable and adding to the aesthetic with coral growth. This also rather suits the flavor of Tronne Island, a place where the inhabitants might just go to the trouble of flooding the gate area for added safety as well as to keep loads of diggers from descending upon their island. Many thanks to avallon1 for this design!
Buscan Island Sub-Gate Buscan Island Sub-Gate

Some of you may recall this entry from when it was entered in our Island Landmark Event. We liked it then and we like it now. It's a solid and imposing structure, which we felt would be well suited to a solid and imposing place like Buscan. I can just picture it emerging from a dense fog as Tuttle approaches--an exciting place to discover in the middle of the cold, barren landscape. Many thanks to Dragge for this design!
Malt Island Sub-Gate Malt Island Sub-Gate

Sub-gates are cool. Lighthouses are cool. A sub-gate that functions as a lighthouse? Really cool! Having a sub-gate design that's useful as more than just a glorified doorway is a great idea, and we feel that this one managed to not only do it without going overboard and sacrificing or overshadowing the entrance itself, but in fact enhances the design through its dual purpose. The artwork doesn't show it, but this ought to look wonderfully creepy at night! Another thanks to avallon1 for this design!
Dashe Island Sub-Gate Dashe Island Sub-Gate

Who would know Dashe Island better than she who shares its name?  ;P  Joking aside, several of Dashe's entries in this Event made a strong impression not only for the sub-gate design itself but because she gave thought and personality to the surroundings. In this case she was spot on. The simple gate tucked away in a particularly dense, overgrown area is well suited to the low-key, nature-dominant flavor of Dashe Island. The pipes that run into the ground give the impression of roots and tie it into the surroundings without over-theming. Thanks Dashe!
Chizz Island Sub-Gate Chizz Island Sub-Gate

This was the last holdout. As good as the entries were, none of them felt like they were quite in line with what we wanted for this island. Of course we were never sure how many winners we might pick, only that the maximum was 5. We could have left it at 4, but instead we got creative, looking to find something that would work by combining elements we liked from different entries. We tried various combinations and finally found a good fusion using these two designs. So, an unexpected shared win (3 points each) goes to Zaiy and avallon1!

With that, we have all five sub-gates designed for the Quint Islands! Usually we like to feature some of the runner ups or other noteworthy entries, but this post feels epic already. Suffice to say there were many more greats and we're most grateful to all of you for your creations! We hope you look forward to seeing these locations take shape in the game!

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