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Event #01 - Island Landmark Design
Posted by fAB on May 25th, 2012 - 03:32 pm EDT

TLT's first community participation Event is here, and it's a chance to leave your mark on the game in a pretty big way! Before jumping into what you have to do to take part, let's learn a little about what this Event focuses around, the game's islands.

Map of the Quint Islands

The Quint Islands is a set of five islands of varying sizes positioned around a large crater within the ocean. Some scholars believe the islands were once part of a single land mass until something struck at its center. The archipelago is home to several towns and an extensive ruin network. Although they are all fairly close together, each of the five has its own unique feel and personality.

  • Malt Island
    Largest of the Quint islands, Malt is where Tuttle's adventure begins and where a great deal of action takes place. The city here is spacious and has an easy going, friendly atmoshpere. There are a number of shops and buildings of importance, including City Hall.
  • Tronne Island
    The second largest island has a bit of a resort town feeling with fancier homes and lush scenery including a golf course. The citizens here have a bit of an upper class air about them.
  • Chizz Island
    Down to the south lies Chizz Island, arid on its edges with an expanse of desert at its center. Sparcely populated, this island's most prominent feature is an abandoned air field that once served as a major stop-over port for air ships back in the days when more limited technology did not allow them to travel as far and as fast.
  • Dashe Island
    Furthest from the rest, Dashe Island is a quiet place with few attractions. The people here enjoy their simple, peaceful surroundings and have little care for the hustle and bustle of Malt and Tronne.
  • Buscan Island
    Unusual air currents bring down cooler temperatures to the barren Buscan Island, occasionally with snow. The rocky landscape is scarred by heavy machinery put in place to dig and process raw materials from the mines. The mines are still in use but the area that once boomed around them is now all but a ghost town.

Head here to visit the Event's official forum thread for all rules and entry submissions!

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