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Long Road to the Zephyr
Posted by fAB on May 9th, 2012 - 01:38 pm EDT

So I finally finished the Zephyr model! This little air ship will be seen throughout the game, used by the pirates for scouting and short range transport. Though not armed by default, the Zephyr can be outfitted with weaponry and other attachments if desired. The underside hatch also works well for dropping bombs while in flight.

Surprisingly, this little ship has a fair bit of history behind it. Many years back I began work on a Legends Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story, and included character profiles complete with pictures. For one of the characters, a pirate girl, I whipped up a quick background that had dark silhouettes of little ships with search lights. That was the earliest concept image for the Zephyr.

As you can see in the pictures, its form gradually changed over the years, from a small black blob, to a sleeker and more thought out design (when I tried to turn the CYOA story into a 3D movie), and finally into something a little rougher and blockier, more in the Legends style.

Progression of the Zephyr's Design

I tweaked a few final design elements even while working on the model and the finishing touch was adding the pirate force's crest. We'll have lots more info to share about them later. For now, enjoy the Zephyr. Though we won't be adding each and every model we make to the Model Gallery, I thought for this one it was appropriate. Go give it a look and drop a comment if you like the design.

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